Corona (COVID-19) lindern in Malawi

Corona has reached Malawi, Schools are closed.The government has allocated big money for the prevention of COVID-19. But it's all to slow and doesn't get there, where it's necessary. In the North the misery is big, the support is small, the president doesn't come from the north.
Therefore we must help. There are so many things to do get done. Like in our own country. And it takes time until the people understand how it works - distance, washing hands, no unnecessary visits, wearing masks.
However - Malawian culture is contradictory. Malawier like to crowd, like to chat, like celebrations, especially in the rural areas.
When I once had a flat tire within short I was surrounded by most helpful Malawians. On the markets you'll find always a lot people, at the traditional dances you'll find a lot of people, in the churches, at funerals - and now Corona.
In the North is Rumphi, the main district city along the road to great game parks. It's the center to so many villages. Two supermarkets, a big market place, a prominent weekly cattle market, banks, a hospital, a prison, schools, a hub for the overcrowded mini busses.
Now people get to be informed about corona. Television is rarely found, no radio station in that area, smartphones mostly don't have expensive internet access.

Solution: you must distribute instruction about important do's and non'ts with megaphones, which the whole day will inform all people at strategicly important places. Also buckets with water and soap for hand washing shall be offered at many places. And dealers and watchmen shall wear gloves and masks. Therefore so many necessary masks will be tailored and distributed to as many people as possible.
South of the capital Lilongwe you find the village Bembeke. Here with donated funds, we have raised a nursery school and some other projects together with the Sisters of the Carmel of the Teacher Trainings College. And they have sewing machines. And they can produce masks. And they have printers to print information posters to put at the market at the M1 road and for the mini busses. But they need fabrics, paper, and toner, and a megaphone.

Chipoka is a town direktly a the lake. With two primary schools. The headteacher of Chipoka I, Martha, has a sewing machine and could do masks. But she needs to buy cloth. And Lorent, the headteacher of Chipoka II, has got a printer from us but he will need to buy paper and toner. And a megaphone.


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==> Official Corona numbers of the Ministry of Health in Malawi

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