New Homes for Teachers

Chipoka is a small town in Malawi, south of Salima, directly on Lake Malawi. A little way out of town stands a big, new primary school, with currently 1000 pupils. It was built in 2014, with large classroom buildings, thanks to the support of a Spanish charity. Malawi e.V. financed the toilet facilities. All that is now missing to complete the school campus, is accommodation for the teachers.

This would benefit the whole school, because at the moment the teachers live a long way from the school, and have to commute up to 2 hours to work. The attractivity of a teaching post, and thus the ability of the school to keep its teachers for a long time, would be increased by improving the infrastructure. Teachers would change less frequently, the children would have a longer relationship with the same reference person, and the teaching staff would be a stable team.

You can help and co-finance a part of a home.


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Part of the piece list:
NoDescriptionUnitQtyRate Malawi Kwatscha Euro
1 Bricks Standard 70.000 10   700.000   1.372,55
2 River sand tones 20 25.000   500.000   980,39
3 Cement 50Kgs 200 6.500   1.300.000   2.549,02
4 Quarry stones tones 10 7.500   75.000   147,06
5 Brickforce wire 9" 30 2.800   84.000   164,71
6 Corrugated iron sheets 18ft 40 8.100   324.000   635,29
7 Ridge covers 1.83m 8 2.800   22.400   43,92


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