A girls hostel for the secondary school and female teacher students with babys in Bembeke


Kirche außen

Bembeke is a catholic mission in Malawi Central. The village is quite near Dedza town. More than 100 years ago with the mission a beautiful church was built. Meanwhile there is developing a kind of education center. Every year more than 600 female primary school teachers are trained at the St. Joseph’s Teacher Training College, women learn stitching and knitting, there’s a Primary School as well as one Secondary School for girls and one for boys. And thanks to donations of Support Malawi Heidelberg e.V. they run a kindergarten.

Kirche innen


Primary Schools are free of charge in Malawi. Secondary Schools are to be paid for. A lot of the girls of the secondary school are coming from villages far away. Too far for a daily walk back and forth. That’s why they have to stay in Bembeke during the week.

Eingang zum jetzigen Gebäude


There is an old building, a school in former times, half ruinous, shattered windows and without firmly lockable doors. For the girls it still serves as temporary accommodation.
But what conditions - no power, no water, no beds, only mats and blankets on the leaky cement floor, wet during the rainy season.
The empty space to wash freely accessible.


You won’t like to spend a single night there. But no choice for the students.

Support Malawi Heidelberg e.V. was asked by the pastor of the Church, Father Pinji, whether we could somehow help to transform this run-down building into a friendly hostel for girls.

Aktuelles Badezimmer 

 To clarify the situation here the link to a small video recorded in the building during the last project visit Bembeke November 2013: http://youtu.be/73NfP_2UK5I.


Der Plan für ein richtiges Mädchenwohnheim



This financially not is no small task if it is to be usable in the long run. The cost estimate for the project is € 40,000. Two-thirds can be taken over by other organizations, about €10,000 to finance. 

We would like to contribute to our part, but we need financial help to do so.

So that girls can live worthy, that girls live secure, so go more girls to school.



Any donation helps.



Das Gebäude aktuell
 Current situation
Hier schlafen?
 Sleep here?
 Pater und Schwester ratlos
Father Pinji and Sister Soona at a loss
 Aktuelle Schlafplätze hinter unverschlossenen Türen
Current sleeping place behind unlocked doors

 Girl Child has a right to EDUCATION

There is much to be done.



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