Nursery school at the St. Joseph's Teacher Trainings College for Bembeke (Dedza) and near villages



Bembeke is a small village near the town Dedza. More than 100 years ago the mission St. Joseph was founded at the edge of the village. In St. Joseph there is a beautiful church. And there is a college to train young ladies to get a primary school teacher. And there is a primary school and a secondary school for girls and another for boys. There is a small sewing and knitting business run by some women as well as a second hand shop.
In this region due to HIV infections many kids are orphans or live in single parent families. Kids need some additional guidance and attention. And they are often poor. But all children have a high potential. For children a basic support in an early age is crucial to their development: education and motivation like in many other countries.
As a consequence the idea of a kindergarten was born.

There was an old building which formerly was used as a private primary school. But not financed anymore the running of the school was stopped years ago. Since that time the building was not used anymore and meanwhile in need of renovation. But it was worthwhile effort.

It was the ideal building to give unattended children of the environments a kindergarten, a nursery school which provides daily structure and playful learning. Without this measures kids are often neglected and wouldn't have a big chance for a good future. Together with the principal a plan was developed. We also contacted the Bishop of Dedza who was happy to support our project.

This was a good possibility to provide the kids a structured life. They learn cleanliness and how to behave at school, they can fee salvaged and accepted, learn to share and the kids are very well prepared for the primary school.

See our documentary history of the kindergarten 
and our partner kindergarten in Mühlhausen



Renovation effort outside

Renovation effort inside

Assessment by Mr. Kamzati

and the project manager

New clean toiltets



At last: kindergarten

Happy principal Sr.Lizzy, Sr.Vimala and Sr.Soona

Kids happy

All happy



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