Sponsored printing costs for a book about the Chewa culture

We found the work of Father Boucher of the Mua Mission as worth being supported. Father Boucher came to Malawi from Canada in 1967 as a missionary. During his theology studies, he also studied art and anthropology. He has dedicated many years to conserve and cultivate the native cultures of Malawi.

In 1976, he founded the Kungoni Centre of Culture and Art, a remarkable institution that has gained worldwide acceptance over the past 38 years. The centre offers a museum with an impressive collection, a library, beautiful lodges for visitors, courses in culture and dance as well as vocational training for artists and artisans.

You can order the illustrated book "When Animals Sing and Spirits Dance" about historic and current dancing masks in your book shop (ISBN 978-0-9570508-0-8). A great work with ritch inllustrations. A preview with many examples you find at www.kasiyamaliro.org.  

Willkommen in der Mua Mission

Pater Boucher mit einem Mitarbeiter bei der Katalogisierung

Eine der Lodges

Tanz der Krieger


Mkango-Maske (Chichewa = Löwe)



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