The organization - the idea

The idea for the non-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO) came to me when I told a friend like that I would spend my vacation in the summer of 2010, contrary to my usual custom, not somewhere in Europe, but three weeks in Malawi in Africa. And Malawi, because a friend there since a year living and working in a development project. This fact was for me a first opportunity at all to consider even a trip from Germany to Africa. So far, I was in Africa but have been interested, but who knows me knows that I am interested in many things ... And insofar as Africa was nothing special. Only after a guided tourist trip through an African country to me is not the meaning.

Quite different is the case, if you know someone in Africa and when it also is a person yet who is known for a long time. Thus I had the unique opportunity to a very different insight into one - if only for me to get an ethnologist - interesting continent. While I was at university then only read books or films about Africa, or seen, now was the chance to Africa "live" experience. But where is Malawi? Mali - Malawi? Malawi! A small country, no spectacular events in the news. Located on the third largest lake in South Africa.

I was also asked if I wanted to take something to do for the people there a bit. So I could get money to get something to take back to Malawi. This is a donation. If, however, so my idea, someone already donates something, then it would be nice to get a receipt for this order to be entitled to come to the advantage of a tax recognition. And for that you need a club. And you need as in Western Classics, the Magnificent Seven, so a non-profit association may be registered in the Associations.

Then I thought about what could make such an association. Sure, collect donations, define projects, for which the money (and possibly material) should be spent. Verify that the funds will be used in the intended sense. Develop support plans and keep up to date, correct it if necessary. have local contacts, specific projects with limited scope. And possible projects to separate continuation through the donations taker.

Six friends and colleagues were easy to win for the idea and our constant contact woman was establishing time and especially in Germany. Meanwhile, we have already many different projects iniciated and financed with gratefully received donations.

Video with impressions of our work in Malawi

Heinrich Wegener

Heinrich Wegener

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