Toilets for Chipoka

South of the town Salima, on the west cost of Lake Malawi, you'll find the village Chipoka. It has a primary school - first to eighth grade - where 15 teachers are teaching 500 kids from Chipoka and the surrounding villages. Classes take place mostly in classrooms, and partly in the shadow of a tree.
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But the sanitation facilities were very poor:
 Alte Toiletten in Chipoka

There are 500 kids and 15 teachers:

Yes, there were toilets. 1 toilet for the girls, 1 for the boys, 1 for the female teachers, 1 for the male teachers. That was it. And the free land around...

Therefore, new toilets were urgently needed. We achieved the goal. Now proper sanitary facilities are available finally: 9 toilets (4 for the girls, 3 for the boys and 2 for the teachers) for the Chipoka primary school.

Happy teachers, happy parents' board, happy principal, happy Support Malawi e.V.


and boys


Happy kids.

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